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Dummy Chains Instructions


1. At first you should lay all beads in a row as you want to create them to your dummy holder.

2. Importent! The dummy chain is allowed to have a maximum length of 22cms (measured without the clip)

3. The loop at the end of the dummy holder should be long to pass a pacifer ring

4. Now it can be threaded. We recommend the PP cord from our range

5. Make shure that there is no way for the knots to become detached. You can melt them gentil with a lighter.

6. Then it can be threaded. We recommend the PP cord from our range

7. The last bead at the end of the loop shoul be a safety bead as this has a larger hole on one side where the knots will later “disappear”.

8. Always keep in mind that all materials are suitable for processing in a pacifier chain. All our materials are suitable for this purpose. We would like to certify this to you

9. This is a non-binding recommendation for the threading of a pacifier chain with the materials we offer. We do not take any responsibility for the products you manufacture. The standards and regulations for the manufacturing of a pacifier chain must be observed as well as careful and safe processing.

Each pacifier chain should be accompanied by safety instructions and a user manual.

In case of sale

To the stipulations of din 12568 also belongs which must be attached to the pacifier holder. This must contain at least the following:
warning in following form:

For the safety of a child
warning! before each use check the complete dummy holder
at first signs of damgages please throw away
never extend the pacifer holder
never attach to straps, tapes or loose parts of clothing, the child can strangulate

the following information must also be included:
- information about safe use
- a recommendation to attach the pacifier holder only to clothes
- a recommendation not to use the pacifier holder if the infant is in a bed, stroller or cradle
- suitable cleaning method
- unsuitable procedures for cleaning, storage and use


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