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Goldi Pacifier

Dummies come into particularly intensive contact with the delicate, permeable mucous membrane of the baby‘s mouth. This is why the requirements for dummies are particularly high: regarding their safety, the absence of toxic and allergenic substances, their physiological shape and hygiene.

Why choose pure rubber pacifiers?

The high quality of pure rubber promotes in a baby a feeling of calm and comfort. Pure rubber is a perfect foundation for hygiene because it banishes germs, and because these pacifiers are molded in one piece, there are no joints or cracks where bacteria can accumulate. Also, pure rubber pacifiers are advisable for babies, who already have teeth, because of the material’s resilience which helps prevent breaking off and swallowing of small pieces.

Why is the flat shield important?

Goldi pacifier’s flat shield is instrumental in providing the baby’s mouth and face muscles with much needed freedom of movement. Keep in mind that most pacifiers feature a concave shield, which constrains lip and face musculature. This may result in delayed development of these muscles, as well as inability to satiate the baby’s need to suck and undesirable breathing through the mouth.

Instructions for use
Goldi pacifiers must be washed carefully after every use under running water; they should be sterilized for babies younger than six months of age. To sterilize, put the pacifier in a pot with cold water, bring the water to a boil, and while boiling, keep the pacifier submerged by holding it under with a wooden spoon. After two minutes, remove pacifier from boiling water and place on a clean kitchen towel.
Inspect the pacifier before each use: if it sticks together when squeezed, replace immediately.  The more use the pacifier gets, the more often it should be inspected by stretching it in different directions and making sure it remains intact.  
If the pacifier exhibits any damage as a result, please replace it immediately.
Never dip pacifier into sweet beverages or medicine before use as this may cause tooth decay. Put pacifier aside during intensive play. Remove promptly from mouth when baby falls asleep. Never use pacifier just to calm the baby, without
knowing the cause of the baby’s complaining (like hunger or a soiled diaper).
For breast-fed babies, Goldi advises to introduce the pacifier only after the baby has mastered breast feeding. Goldi pacifiers should be replaced every 4 to 5 weeks, or as needed.

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