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Payment Options


  •  purchase on amount via Klarna: 

only available in germany or austria

  • hire-purchase via Klarna:           

only available in germany and austria

  • Sofort ident:             

With SOFORT Überweisung online shopping payments has never been easier! You can use your own online banking login details – convenient and secure. And thanks to the transaction confirmation your order can be processed immediately. Look forward to speedy delivery!

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  • Banktransfer:             

If bank transfer is selected as the payment method, the account data is displayed automatically after the purchase order has been completed.

(please always specify): Order number + Surname. Payments from foreign banks are within the EU without an additional fee if you specify the IBAN and SWIFT code below for our bank account. Without these codes, your payments will only be credited to us after deduction of € 12.50, which we will have to charge you additionally if you do not transfer from a German financial institution.

  • PayPal:                                    

If Paypal is chosen as the method of payment, the Paypal address will be automatically displayed after the order has been completed or forwarded automatically to the paypal page.

(please always specify): Order number + Surname

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  • coupon:                               Gutschein Nr. 1 - 15,00€ -

Redeem the amount to be redeemed in the order process in step 2 of 3.

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delay in payment reminder costs €5,00. Without receiving your payment we have an collection assigment agreement.

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