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reedom vouchers

How to handle the welcome voucher:

New customers can use the welcome voucher and will receife a discount of 5.00€.

The code is: New and can be use only one time.

You need to place your order and at step 2 of 3 please enter the action cupon code NEW. The deduction is automatically if your order will be higher than 15.00€.

Cashable only at www.lemonissimo.de in connection with an online order.

A subsequent deduction from a completed order is not possible.
In this case the voucher can be redeemed with the next order.

A cash payment is not possible. Only one voucher can be redeemed per household/orderer.

    CASHING OF all other vouchers:

When ordering, at step 2 of 3 in the field GIFT VOUCHERS the code sent with the voucher is entered and confirmed with the Enter key.

Now you can enter the desired amount for redemption in the field Balance.

Redeemable only at www.lemonissimo.de while placing an order. Subsequent crediting from a completed order is not possible. If you have forgotten to place the coupon, it is usable at your next order.

A cash payment is not possible. The coupon is usable only once by each customer.

How to handle all other coupons:

While placing an order enter the code which has been send by e-mail at step 2 of 3 at the field giftbox coupon and confirm with the enter key.

Now you can decide the sum of deduction and fill in on the right side in the box. Press the enter key again.

These discount conditions for vouchers apply to all vouchers purchased in our online shop lemonissimo.de

Vouchers can only be redeemed in our online shop lemonissimo.de with placing an order.

Before redeeming a voucher you must create your customer account

Vouchers and residual vouchers of coupons are redeemalbe up to the end of the third year after the year of purchase the voucher.

Remaining credit will be created to your customer account until the expiry date

Vouchers can only be used for the purchase of goods and not for the purchase of additional vouchers

If the value of the voucher is unsufficient to pay your complete order use one of the payment methods to pay the missing.

mulitple vouchers can be redeemed for an order

A cash payment of vouchers is not possible

The voucher is transferable. We can deliver with leiberating effect to the respective holder which redeems the voucher in our Onlineshop. This does not aplly if we have knowledge

For the redemtion of vouchers is regulate at our general terms and conditions.

Best regards, Melanie Haseloff- lemonissimo

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